Vulcaflex, in compliance with the EU “whistleblowing” Directive, has activated a system for managing confidential reports (“Whistleblowing”) which guarantees confidentiality to the whistleblower, to the person involved and to anyone mentioned in it, as well as its content; any form of retaliation or disadvantageous consequence towards the reporter and his entourage will therefore be impossible.

Through this system, all employees, suppliers, external collaborators and anyone who has relationships with Vulcaflex can report, in a confidential and protected manner, illicit or potentially illicit situations encountered during the course of their activities which may harm the interests public or the integrity of Vulcaflex according to current legislation.

Such reports must be made using the link: https://vulcaflex.whistletech.online/#/

The body responsible for analysing the reports will provide feedback to the sender that the report has been taken into account as well as the outcome of the checks required according to the legal deadlines.

It is possible to report facts or situations that may constitute illicit conduct with respect to:

  • Current legislation;
  • Ethical code;
  • Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • Anti-corruption laws;
  • Workplace Safety Management System;
  • Environmental Management System;
  • Alleged violations of regulations and laws in carrying out work activities which may cause damage or prejudice, even just to the image, of the Company;
  • EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR).

Other topics are excluded from the possibility of reporting.

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Whistleblowing Regulation

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Whistleblowing Privacy Policy

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