There is also the contribution of Vulcaflex, together with that of other leading companies of the local productive system, in the recent establishment of the new Degree Course in Mechatronics at the Campus of the University of Bologna in Lugo, in the heart of Romagna.

A placement that is anything but casual because the new specialist training course was born with a strong operational vocation, offering students an extremely high-level training opportunity. All this thanks to the commitment of many leaders in the sectors of automation, robotics, IoT, computer vision, and mechatronic applications scattered throughout the Romagna area.

Starting from these assumptions, compared to traditional courses, the Degree Course in Mechatronics provides that more than half of the training credits will be acquired through internships and workshops carried out at local companies: out of the total 180 hours required, 99 hours will be spent in practical training under their careful and competent supervision of those companies.

This course has already gained positive traction by the students, with 28 registrations out of 30 available places. The students will be able to remain in their territory and welcome other students from their own realities while taking part in an excellent training experience designed to open up professional opportunities.

The young participants – who have already responded positively to the “enrollment campaign” for the first academic year, with 28 registrations registered out of 30 available places – will thus be able to remain in their territory, ready to welcome students from other realities as well, taking part in an excellent training experience designed to open up relevant professional opportunities.

“Today an idea born years ago from listening to our companies becomes real. This project began because those companies started reporting difficulties in finding adequate skills for the dizzying changes of the markets. Over time these difficulties have worsened, but now we have a ready answer and can finally equip our production community with a breeding ground of indispensable professionalism for the competitiveness of Romagna” – said Roberto Bozzi, CEO of Vulcaflex and President of Confindustria Romagna.

The lessons, started last autumn, take place at the Unitec Research Center, a space of over 7,000 square meters, including areas for the production of prototypes, laboratories, training rooms, offices, and meeting rooms. All this will be flanked by a service center of 1,800 square meters, under construction, including a canteen, a gym, a relaxation room, a reading room, and a guesthouse.

A proper Anglo-Saxon-style campus which – together with local companies called to welcome students during the internship and laboratory training phases – will contribute to increasing the top position of the Romagna area in the mechatronics and production innovation sectors. In addition to projecting the participants toward growth prospects and high-level professional affirmation.

“The inauguration of the headquarters and study course in Mechatronics in Lugo is the result of a strong connection between universities, local institutions, and companies. A close synergy oriented towards a quality training technique that has always been lacking in our country. And that from today, in Lugo, finally seems possible” – declared Roberto Vecchi, Pro-Rector of the University of Bologna .

“Bringing academic paths ever closer to the world of work is one of our strategic goals. Indeed, training young people based on the real needs of businesses means guaranteeing them immediate and qualified employment opportunities as soon as they obtain their degrees. In this context, the new Lugo campus is a virtuous example of how universities, production activities, and institutions can cooperate to make a difference, allowing our young people a professional future in their territory” – declared Andrea Corsini, Regional Councilor for Mobility and Transport, Infrastructure, Tourism, and Commerce .

Together with Vulcaflex, the following companies from Romagna participate in the organization of the Degree Course in Mechatronics as supporters: Marcegaglia, Bucci Automations, CNI Group, Diemme enologia, Eurovo, Geminiani, Marini, Natura Nuova, Sica, Surgital and Unitec.

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